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In this Reverie Session, we let Dan tell the story, so here is ‘In Search of Echos’ by Dan Chapman,


On a day in the Mountains of Snowdonia, a place where it is said Dragons reside, I filmed two impromptu songs for Reverie Sessions. The location was chosen not for it’s comfort, but for it’s shape and structure. Long concrete walls give the sound time to reverberate back and forth duplicating, bouncing back until it sounds like a wave of sound has emerged.

There’s something really enjoyable about singing with natural reverb. In a place like this no software and headphones are needed to create artificial environments to trick the ears, the sound swells around you, seemingly flowing from all angles back towards you, the source.On this occasion, an impromptu rendition of ‘The Carol of the Humbled Knight’ seemed appropriate. A way enjoy the cathedral like ambience inside the less welcoming damp abandoned train tunnel, that was used to store bombs during the war.

Before the cold set in I performed a new song for the camera, ‘The Hierophant and the Hermit’ a gypsy ballad that tells the tale of a conversation two Tarot characters may have had. You’ll find this in Part 2 of the reverie session.

– Dan Chapman

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