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Emil Beitland introduces a Norwegian folk instrument – The Langeleik.

He has been composing his own slåtts (a form of Norwegian song) for 3 years and has performed with the Langeleik in Boulder, Colorado, Aberdeen, Scotland and of course Norway. He joined us whilst traveling through the South West of England.

Emil Beitland – Bryllupet på Klæmpen 1604

This slått – of three that we filmed with Emil – recalls a wedding that took place at Emil’s farm, Beitlandet, in the small village of Færbøgda in Norway sometime during the 1600s. Emil recalls the eventful story in the film.

Emil Beitland – Beitlandsslåtten

This slått describes Emils medieval family farm ‘Beitlandet’ in Norway and the feelings towards his life there. The first writings of his farm are from the 1500s and Emil and his family still live there today.

Emil Beitland – Slåtten om Slåtten

“Slåtten om slåtten” was inspired by Emil’s experience and work with the traditional harvest of the grass that takes place each year in the summertime at Beitlandet. It takes great effort, but when the work is done there is a great celebration with good ale, food and festivities.